Underground Oil Tank Removal: A Benefit for NJ Home Owners - Oil Tank Removal Guidelines and Resources for NJ
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Underground Oil Tank Removal: A Benefit for NJ Home Owners

Posted on: April 5th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

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Oil tank removal and replacement is a very beneficial project for all homeowners. The oil tank is responsible for heating the home and the water that is in the house. As the oil tank wears out it may not perform as well as it once did and the need for a replacement will become more apparent. Most homeowners cringe at the idea of having to replace their oil tank for three different reasons.

The first reason is because they fear it will damage their home. This is not the case at all; any well-established oil tank removal company like Core Environmental Services will be able to replace the tank with minimal affects upon the house. The second reason is most homeowners think they may have to go without hot water or heat for a long period of time. Once again this assumption is incorrect. The average time it takes for an oil tank to be removed is around four to five days. During this time a conversion can be done on the first day. The final concern of most homeowners is the length of time it takes to install the new oil tank. Most homeowners assume it takes weeks, but the truth is it usually takes a couple of days for the entire project to be finished from preparation to conversion.
The first step to removing your oil tank is tank locating the existing oil tank. Some homeowners are aware of the location of their home’s oiloil tank locating NJ tank while others are not. For those that do not know where their oil tanks are located, you should hire an oil tank company to come out and do a Tank Sweep for it like us. During this inspection the removal team will inform you of the status of the existing oil tank. Some oil tanks may be damaged or be leaking, which can lead to various problems for your home. During the inspection the inspector will let you know what type of equipment will be needed to remove the old tank from your home.

Depending on where the tank is located, determines what type of equipment is safe to use in its extraction. The tank may be able to be dug out with a back hoe or by hand depending on how tight the surroundings of the tank are. In most cases hand digging takes more time and is more costly than using a back hoe. Finally a permit will be needed by the town before any oil tank removal can be completed. On average a town may charge anywhere from seventy dollars to two hundred dollars for a permit. The cost of the permit depends on the town the house is in. Some towns require notification of the local utility companies, so that proper steps can be taken to protect sewer and power lines.

underground Oil Tank Removal NJRemoving an existing underground oil tank from your house does not have to be a huge ordeal. By following a few steps and being informed the extraction and replacement of the oil tanks should be effortless. Give us a call today and we would be happy to come out and do a no cost site inspection for you.

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