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Oil tank removal services in NJ for over 15 years, we are one of Northern New Jersey’s largest above-ground and underground oil tank removal resources. In addition, oil tank removal NJ law requires oil tank removal companies to be licensed with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

After filling out the online quote request a field representative will contact you and schedule a site visit on one of the days that you requested, for a site survey. The field rep will answer any questions or concerns at the site survey and provide a written quote for your oil tank removal cost.

This site is supported with a live Quote form and a 24-7 Click to Call button, top right on every web page. You can also call our office at 973-500-5800 9-5 Mon – Fri with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to chat with a New Jersey Oil Tank Removal specialist at any time by calling or filling out our online oil tank removal quote form.

Why Oil Tanks Leak and How to Deal With Them.

Like any other manufactured good, residential underground oil tanks have a limited shelf life. Regardless of how a tank is made and what materials are used, it is only a matter of time before it leaks. Even the strongest materials and best designs cannot overcome the test of time. It doesn’t take much – sometimes only a small patch of corrosion – before a tank can leak, but even the smallest of leaks can carry large environmental and economic consequences.

Why Oil Tanks Fail?

Most underground oil tanks today are made of steel. Many of these tanks are built to withstand tremendous force and extreme temperature. However, even a strong steel construction is subject to corrosion. Many have estimated that underground oil tanks fail, on average, after 10-20 years in the ground. These failures are seldom caused by large events. While earthquakes (such as the one that hit the East Coast in 2011) and large storms (such as Superstorm Sandy) can shift foundations and cause leaks, the majority of leaks start at the molecular level. Years of corrosion take their toll on even the strongest of tanks. Even the tiniest hairline crack, over the course of its lifetime, will release contaminants into the soil or even the water supply. The ecological, environmental, and economic costs associated with even these small leaks can be staggering. Most underground oil tank removals today are replaced with above-ground oil tanks. Most above-ground oil tank removal in NJ like an existing tank in a basement or garage is converted to natural gas, electricity, or ROTH Tanks are a nice option today for Above ground oil tank replacement. Whatever Your fuel tank removal maybe give us a call we are happy to discuss oil tank removal NJ law with you.

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