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Oil Tank Removal Services

Oil Tank Removal Services

oil tank removal servicesThere are many oil tank removal services provided that supports an oil tank removal here in NJ. The first of course, is tank locating and tank sweeps. Oil Tank locating and Tank sweep service is used for properties where it is suspected that there may have been an oil tank in the past that was abandoned. We set up a grid and inspect the entire property.

After the tank is located there are permit processes that differ from town to town. Our services take this burden off the homeowner. We apply for and manage all necessary permits and inspections throughout the project.

Before the necessary permits can be requested, the homeowner must decide whether they will be continuing with home heating oil with and above ground heating oil tank, or converting to natural gas or Electric We will help with the process and determining availability and any rebates that may be available.

Before the oil tank removal, the tank is unearthed and cut open and all the supply lines are disconnected and decommissioned. We then extract any leftover oil and clean the inside of the tank before removal. The only way to do this is to get inside the tank.

Once the tank is cleaned and dry from any excess heating oil the tank is lifted out and inspected for pitting or leaks. The township will inspect the tank and soil and if there is no leakage the tank can be de commissioned and the hole filled. It an environmental cleanup is necessary, we are certified to handle the cleanup and work with your insurance company.

If replacing your underground oil tank with an above ground tank we are certified and recommend ROTH tanks as the best replacement. These ROTH tanks are state of the art and handle all the past concerns why people chose to burry tanks instead of going above ground.

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