Shifting to Natural Gas for Lower Cost, Eco Friendly Home Heating
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With Oil Prices Going Up, It’s Time for an Oil Tank Removal in NJ

Posted on: September 24th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

Having heating systems inside the house is already a necessity, especially for places like New Jersey which experience cold snowy days in the winter. The biggest problem with home heating, however, is the cost that accompanies it, especially when you’re still using an oil-fired furnace. According to writer Carl Pope, oil prices have gone sky high, and a $30 barrel back in 2004 would now cost more than $100.

As an alternative to oil, Pope suggests natural gas and writes,

Meanwhile, the price of natural gas has plummeted. The tight shale gas boom in the U.S. has caused the domestic price of gas to drop to less than $4 per million cubic feet today from $10 per million cubic feet in 2010.

Furthermore, Pope says that the last legislation Congress had issued in 2007 is now outdated because of all the changes in the energy scheme of the U.S., including oil versus gas prices; and even the dropping costs of solar panels in the market. Pope says that there isn’t any attractive provision in the legislation that would enable the Country to exploit lower gas prices as a commodity to be distributed internationally with the aim of help the economy.

While Pope suggests advocating natural gas as a the prime transportation fuel, this also translates as a call to homeowners with heating systems that require the use of oil, especially due to the higher heating costs are higher during winter.

If you’re considering switching to natural gas, then you should call in personnel qualified in oil tank removal for New Jersey homes just to be sure that your old tank is properly decommissioned and deactivated. Leaving it underground can become risky because it could easily form leaks and contaminate ground water sources.

When you have your oil tanks removed, the State of New Jersey mandates that you find licensed contractors like the Core Environmental Services LLC to ensure that all safety parameters are met.

Switching to natural gas is a more economical move, and it also reduces a home’s environmental impact. However, if you think that oil tanks are still for you, then at least schedule oil tank testing by New Jersey experts to ensure that the main structure and pipes are in optimum condition to ensure safety. 

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