ROTH Tank Certified Installers in NJ
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ROTH Tank Certified Installers in NJ

Posted on: March 7th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

ROTH Tank Certified Installers in NJ

 New Jersey Oil Tank RemovalWhat sets ROTH Tanks apart from the competition is their double walled oil tank design that is guaranteed to prevent oil leaks that contaminate your soil and groundwater.  But that isn’t the only thing to consider when deciding to install or remove your oil tank.  You can find ROTH Tank certified installers in New Jersey who will guarantee compliance with federal, state and local regulations and will ensure that your oil tank installation or oil tank removal is done right.

There are other oil tank companies in New Jersey that can do oil tank installations and removals, but none come more highly recommended than ROTH Tank certified installers.  ROTH Tanks lead the industry because of their patented designed tanks that provide the most protection against leaks.  That is because the inside tank is made of the same corrosion resistant plastic as your car’s gas can.  That tank is wrapped inside of a tank made of galvanized steel.

ROTH Tanks can be installed above ground outside or can be installed indoors, typically in your basement.  ROTH oil tanks are only installed by authorized, certified ROTH tank installers.  Each installer is OSHA certified for the highest standard of compliance for home oil tank installations and oil tank removals.

Many homeowners are switching their old oil tanks for cleaner alternatives like natural gas or electric.  But if you are going to stick with oil, ROTH gives its customers a thirty year limited warranty against defects and manufacturer error.  That’s added security over the life of your oil tank.  Their tanks are resistant to corrosion which helps to prevent any oil leaks.  Each tank comes with a leak alert that warns you if your inner or outer tank is leaking.   Even with all of the environmental protections that have gone into the design of the ROTH Oil Tank, if your tank does leak, the outer wall of the tank can hold more than 110% of the oil that is contained inside of the inner tank.

Experience is a teacher, and ROTH has been manufacturing oil tanks in the U.S. for over forty years.  Their warranty goes above and beyond the industry standard by twenty years.  If there is a leak in the thirty years that your ROTH Tank is installed, you are insured for up to $2 million for costs associated with cleaning and repairing the leak.

There are numerous companies in the State of New Jersey that are certified to install your ROTH Tank.  Finding the right company for your oil tank installation or removal is important.  Granby is another oil tank company that many oil tank installers will offer to its clients.  But those tanks lack the double wall design that puts ROTH Tanks ahead of its competition.  Make sure that your installers are certified.  Ask questions about their knowledge of federal, state and local regulations for the size and number of tanks you are installing and if your town allows for above ground tanks.

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