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Underground Oil Tank Removal Cost Standing Between You and Your NJ Dream Home?

Posted on: April 10th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

Underground Oil Tank Removal Cost halt home sales

Underground Oil Tank Removal Cost Standing Between You and Your NJ Dream Home?

Buying and selling a new home can be a really important milestone. Unfortunately in New Jersey, underground oil tank removal costs can be a real roadblock for individuals looking to sell or buy a property.  Under oil tank removal NJ law New Jersey is one of the few states where the Department of Health considers home heating oil to be a hazardous substance. Therefore, removing a leaky oil tank is a complex process that is buried in bureaucratic red tape and can be a really expensive cost to remove underground oil tank. Obviously, there are few options available to you once a leak is found. Proactive oil tank removal is one of the best steps to take to modernize your heating system and safeguard your home from potential disasters that can hurt property values and postpone closing-dates.

When dealing with in ground oil tanks, safety is of utmost importance. Since oil spills and contamination can hurt the environment and hurt your bottom line, it is important to do the job right. In New Jersey, township safety inspectors are expected to be on site during the excavation. However all these inspectors really do is note demerits and issue fines, so it is important to choose an oil tank removal company that will do the job right and save you the headache associated with bureaucratic fines.

The percentage of houses using home heating oil is dropping, however the costs associated with oil spills and emergency tank removal

Home heating oil tank romoval

five star reputation for oil tank removal in NJ

are only increasing. And since oil tank leaks go largely unnoticed, the fines and future fees can be compounding without you ever knowing it. Unlike natural gas, which has a distinct smell, home heating oil is odorless and leaks are incredibly difficult to recognize without excavation. Since nearly all home oil tanks are metallic, they are prone to rust, corrosion, and leakage. If left indefinitely, these oil tanks will leak. It not a matter of ‘if,’ but a matter of ‘when.’ Underground oil tanks will leak eventually, and when that happens, the costs associated with the clean up can be staggering. In many instances, leaks are discovered as people try to sell their home. In these cases, an underground tank leak can postpone the selling process and leave home owners in limbo during the cleanup process. For people looking to sell quickly and ultimately buy a new home, these delays can be really frustrating. Whether you are selling your home now or see yourself selling somewhere down the line, oil tank removal should be a top priority. Modernizing home heating can save a lot of money over time, but removing an oil tank before it leaks can also preemptively save thousands of dollars.

We specialize in helping customers make proactive switches away from oil heating and, when necessary, we help remove tanks that have already leaked. We excavate oil tanks quickly and safely, providing home owners with much needed peace of mind. If you have discovered a leak, then oil tank removal is really your only available option. But if you are looking to make a switch, perhaps from oil to natural gas, choosing oil tank removal can save you money down the line and proactively avoid dealing with the hassles of oil leaks.

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Underground Oil Tank Removal: A Benefit for NJ Home Owners

Posted on: April 5th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

oil tank removal companies nj get PermitsUnderground Oil Tank

Oil tank removal and replacement is a very beneficial project for all homeowners. The oil tank is responsible for heating the home and the water that is in the house. As the oil tank wears out it may not perform as well as it once did and the need for a replacement will become more apparent. Most homeowners cringe at the idea of having to replace their oil tank for three different reasons.

The first reason is because they fear it will damage their home. This is not the case at all; any well-established oil tank removal company like Core Environmental Services will be able to replace the tank with minimal affects upon the house. The second reason is most homeowners think they may have to go without hot water or heat for a long period of time. Once again this assumption is incorrect. The average time it takes for an oil tank to be removed is around four to five days. During this time a conversion can be done on the first day. The final concern of most homeowners is the length of time it takes to install the new oil tank. Most homeowners assume it takes weeks, but the truth is it usually takes a couple of days for the entire project to be finished from preparation to conversion.
The first step to removing your oil tank is tank locating the existing oil tank. Some homeowners are aware of the location of their home’s oiloil tank locating NJ tank while others are not. For those that do not know where their oil tanks are located, you should hire an oil tank company to come out and do a Tank Sweep for it like us. During this inspection the removal team will inform you of the status of the existing oil tank. Some oil tanks may be damaged or be leaking, which can lead to various problems for your home. During the inspection the inspector will let you know what type of equipment will be needed to remove the old tank from your home.

Depending on where the tank is located, determines what type of equipment is safe to use in its extraction. The tank may be able to be dug out with a back hoe or by hand depending on how tight the surroundings of the tank are. In most cases hand digging takes more time and is more costly than using a back hoe. Finally a permit will be needed by the town before any oil tank removal can be completed. On average a town may charge anywhere from seventy dollars to two hundred dollars for a permit. The cost of the permit depends on the town the house is in. Some towns require notification of the local utility companies, so that proper steps can be taken to protect sewer and power lines.

underground Oil Tank Removal NJRemoving an existing underground oil tank from your house does not have to be a huge ordeal. By following a few steps and being informed the extraction and replacement of the oil tanks should be effortless. Give us a call today and we would be happy to come out and do a no cost site inspection for you.

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ROTH Tank Certified Installers in NJ

Posted on: March 7th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

ROTH Tank Certified Installers in NJ

 New Jersey Oil Tank RemovalWhat sets ROTH Tanks apart from the competition is their double walled oil tank design that is guaranteed to prevent oil leaks that contaminate your soil and groundwater.  But that isn’t the only thing to consider when deciding to install or remove your oil tank.  You can find ROTH Tank certified installers in New Jersey who will guarantee compliance with federal, state and local regulations and will ensure that your oil tank installation or oil tank removal is done right.

There are other oil tank companies in New Jersey that can do oil tank installations and removals, but none come more highly recommended than ROTH Tank certified installers.  ROTH Tanks lead the industry because of their patented designed tanks that provide the most protection against leaks.  That is because the inside tank is made of the same corrosion resistant plastic as your car’s gas can.  That tank is wrapped inside of a tank made of galvanized steel.

ROTH Tanks can be installed above ground outside or can be installed indoors, typically in your basement.  ROTH oil tanks are only installed by authorized, certified ROTH tank installers.  Each installer is OSHA certified for the highest standard of compliance for home oil tank installations and oil tank removals.

Many homeowners are switching their old oil tanks for cleaner alternatives like natural gas or electric.  But if you are going to stick with oil, ROTH gives its customers a thirty year limited warranty against defects and manufacturer error.  That’s added security over the life of your oil tank.  Their tanks are resistant to corrosion which helps to prevent any oil leaks.  Each tank comes with a leak alert that warns you if your inner or outer tank is leaking.   Even with all of the environmental protections that have gone into the design of the ROTH Oil Tank, if your tank does leak, the outer wall of the tank can hold more than 110% of the oil that is contained inside of the inner tank.

Experience is a teacher, and ROTH has been manufacturing oil tanks in the U.S. for over forty years.  Their warranty goes above and beyond the industry standard by twenty years.  If there is a leak in the thirty years that your ROTH Tank is installed, you are insured for up to $2 million for costs associated with cleaning and repairing the leak.

There are numerous companies in the State of New Jersey that are certified to install your ROTH Tank.  Finding the right company for your oil tank installation or removal is important.  Granby is another oil tank company that many oil tank installers will offer to its clients.  But those tanks lack the double wall design that puts ROTH Tanks ahead of its competition.  Make sure that your installers are certified.  Ask questions about their knowledge of federal, state and local regulations for the size and number of tanks you are installing and if your town allows for above ground tanks.

Why Install a ROTH EcoDWT?

Posted on: March 7th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

New Jersey Oil Tank RemovalAt Core Environmental Services, LLC we strive to provide our customers with top quality service and top quality products. In doing so we highly recommend the replacement of any underground storage tank (UST) and or aboveground storage tank (AST) used for the storage heating oil for your home to be replaced with a ROTH EcoDWT.

ROTH tanks utilize double-wall construction for ultimate safety and reliability. In addition ROTH tanks are made in the USA and provide the following benefits over the “old fashion” single-wall steel tanks:

• 30 Year limited Product Warranty
• $2 Million Leak Coverage
• Qualifies for Bio Fuel Storage
• Leak Sensor Protected, Double Wall Security

ROTH tanks do more for the Environment by avoiding spills and leaks caused by defective pipes, couplings, or fittings which are sometimes located under the steel type tanks installed by others.

ROTH tanks do more for your Safety by being completely rust-free, inside and out. This minimizes the potential dangers and disasters of oil spills and leaks caused by corrosion.

ROTH tanks give you more Quality by being able to forget about the problems of oil odors and the dangers of oil leaks.

ROTH tanks have been installed in more than 3 million homes since 1971 and ROTH tanks last longer than ever before due to the outstanding quality and unbeatable guarantee. No more purchasing a new tank every 10 years like the “old fashion” single-wall steel tank models.

Installation of a ROTH tank is faster and easier than ever plus:

• Up to 50% lighter than steel tank equivalents.
• Compact & economical design which takes up a smaller foot print (8 sqft. for 275-gallon / 1000L model)
• Unique expansion system ensures increased storage capacity & faster, easier fill ups.
• Every tank is completely sealed, pressure tested, & meets exacting quality control standards.

Summary of benefits for a ROTH tank purchase and installation:

• Weld-free galvanized steel outer tank capable of holding 110% of the inner tank.
• Seamless high-density polyethylene inner tank.
• Highly visible optical leak alarm.
• 50% lighter than a 12-gauge steel tank with a larger storage capacity.
• Corrosion resistant steel filling system & external 2” thread, allowing for an even level in each tank when installed in tandem or groups.
• Burner feeding system consisting of a duplex bushing built to be installed directly into the ROTH tank’s opening on the top of the tank. NO BOTTOM FEED.
• Factory designed and available roof/rain shield can be installed for outside use. Allowing for added protection of the fill, vent, & supply piping from the weather.
• Double-wall construction allows the air space between the inner & outer walls to act as an insulator against cold temperatures to minimize the chance of the oil “gelling” like what occurs in steel tanks.

Installation options for the ROTH tank:

• Available in five (5) sizes for residential heating oil tank storage. The sizes range from 110 to 165 to 275 to 400 gallons.
• The 275-gallon model comes in both standard height (1000L) and low-height (1000LH).
• All models of the same size can be connected together with ROTH designed cross-over kits for side by side or end to end configurations.
• Tanks can be installed inside basements, outside, and or inside a garage with protective barrier(s) if required by code. *

* – Refer to illustrated site photographs of these typical installation locations at some customer’s homes under Tank Installation Services tab on the home page.