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Oil Tank Sweep NJ

Oil Tank Sweep NJ
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Oil Tank Sweep  Supplied by New Jersey Oil Tank Removal LLC

We provide NJ customers the highest quality Oil Tank Sweep procedures and services. Our staff specializes in ROTH Tanks for homeowners that wish to continue with home heating oil as the choice for their furnace going forward. ROTH Tanks are state of the art tanks which can be stored in your basement, garage or even outside.  Oil to natural Gas conversions are becoming quite popular as well as oil to electric conversions. With some oil tanks being in the ground for decades, natural gas and electricity were most likely not an option when the property owner made the decision to put an oil tank in the ground. Natural gas or electricity was most likely not an option which is why oil tank sweeps are necessary on just about all properties 10 years or older. Once an oil tank sweep of a property is done by a certified contractor and an underground oil tank is not found you can be sure an so can the NJ mortgage lender, that the property does not have a buried oil tank on the property.

Our oil tank sweep program starts on the inside of the property or structures on the property.  We carefully look for clues on the inside foundation of the property or structure. Any out building on the property must be inspected in this way as many out buildings may have had heat at one time and that heat fuel source may have been provided by an underground oil tank which may have been abandoned in place. When checking the inside foundations we are looking for old supply lines left in place or repairs to the foundation walls where oil tank supply lines may have been removed. Some homes have basements that have been refinished so the same careful inspection must be done on the outside walls of the foundation. If no evidence is found a tank sweep of the entire property is still required to ensure there is not an abandoned oil tank on the property. If clues of an old oil tank reveal themselves on the foundation walls, it is fairly easy to start the oil tank sweep in the general area of the foundation that has been compromised. The oil tank sweep is accomplished as a block by block grid of your property. New Jersey Oil Tank Removal LLC has become NJ’s Oil Tank Sweep Industry leader with our state of the art equipment you can be sure if there is an oil tank o the property our oil tank sweep service will find it. We don’t just guarantee it; we certify it to your mortgage lender. Our excellent consumer service personnel look forward to helping you. For additional information contact us at: 973-500-5800

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