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After an oil tank removal, should you convert to natural gas?

Posted on: March 9th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

oil tank removal convert to gasMany homeowners rely on an outdoor underground oil tanks for their winter heating needs.  There are many options for heating your home.  When you opt for a new oil tank installation, either after an oil tank removal or for your new installation, should you convert to natural gas or electric?  Here are some things to think about before you move forward with your oil tank installation in N.J.

With all of the news around clean energy, one avenue that some clean energy experts say you should go is converting your oil tank to a natural gas.  Natural gas is cheaper than oil and is cleaner for the environment.  Beyond that, the prices for natural gas are lower and more stable than oil prices.  Also, oil deliveries can be delayed by weather or some other event, leaving you without oil and therefore without heat when you need it most.

Another trend is to convert your home heating from oil based heat to electric.  Electric is the cleanest energy you can use.  However, there to are some issues with delivery.  As many of you have learned the hard way in N.J., a bad storm can knock out electric in large swaths of the state and leave you without any source of power for days, sometimes weeks at a time.

Moreover, if you are deciding to convert your tank or have it completely removed, the costs of converting can sometimes be prohibitive.  A tank conversion from oil to natural gas could run you up to $3,000.  But because it is considered cleaner for the environment, you may be able to get a special tax break for converting your tank to a cleaner energy source like gas or electric.  You should check with your local energy company for information regarding homeowner assistance for tank conversions.

But if you still prefer using oil to heat your home, you should consider installing a ROTH tank.  This new version of above ground oil tanks guarantees against environmental issues like groundwater contamination.  ROTH tanks are double-lined which prevents any type of damaging oil leaks.  You should be very careful when choosing a company to do your oil tank installation.  There are many federal, state and local regulations that you want your oil tank installer to be very knowledgeable about before you hire them to do your job.

New Jersey Oil Tank Removal LLC is a company specializing in oil tank installations and removals in N.J.  There are a number of reasons to choose New Jersey Oil Tank Removal LLC for your above ground oil tank installation in N.J. but probably chief among them is the fact that all of their technicians are OSHA certifiedNew Jersey Oil Tank Removal LLC has experience working with homeowners and insurance companies for full compliance with state and federal environmental laws.  Not only that, they offer soil remediation services for those of you who have had a bad tank in the past and need to repair the ground around your home prior to a new installation.

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