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NJ Oil Tank Removal Prevents Further Costs and Environmental Problems

Posted on: September 24th, 2013 by Frank McGuire

Getting through the winter months could get difficult, which is why a number of homes in New Jersey have oil tanks installed underground for their heating systems. The State of New Jersey enforces policies and regulations governing safety which includes tank installation, cleaning, and deactivation by licensed companies. However, these oil tanks still pose a few problems, especially to the realty sector.

A lot of homes being sold in New Jersey have been found to have hidden damaging secrets, among which are underground tanks that have been abandoned, or deactivated. According to NYTimes.com writer Antoinette Martin, this becomes a problem for realtors and prospective home buyers because the presence of buried oil tanks, even after deactivation, could still pose some problems. In her article, she writes the issues on oil tanks as mentioned by Ms. Karen Bigos, a broker for a realty group: Continue Reading